How I like to work
  • I iterate fast, mock-up fast.
I love the big-picture vision stuff. And yet I love the switch to the small detail stuff (like adjusting the favicon automatically, having dynamic input placeholders, etc.)
  • In McKinsey, I loved the high-level strategy – you didn't have to fall down a rabbit hole or get trapped in the weeds of execution. I love blue-sky, "think big" phase, defining the 10-year vision.
  • Now, I love being accountable for getting the final product into the hands of users, and being responsible for how it really works. It's the ultimate accountability test, and I love delivering solutions from concept to being used in the wild.
  • Fav. communication channel (if not in person): WhatsApp (async) voice notes
  • Fan of collaborative work, like shared Notion documents, shared Google docs, whiteboarding sessions, etc.
Hands-on and high-trust
  • I'll be quick to ask you for some login so I can jump in and show you what I mean, or do it for you.
  • If you ask me to sign an NDA, you're probably not my friend. Like Naval phrased, "Do long-term business with long-term people".
Meyers Briggs (MBTI): ENFP
  • Strong "E" (extrovert), strong "P". Nearer the middle of the road on the other two (N/S and T/F).
Comfortable working weekends
  • Happy to do a few hours over the weekend if someone needs me, or if I just want to make more progress. Fresh out of college, I used to be less comfortable with working weekends; now I only “work” on things I care about, so the weekend is often as good a time as any to do more of that! (COVID amplifies this.) I love Mondays. My hobbies, passions and “work” are blending nicely, so I often don’t even label activities as just one of “work” or “pleasure”.
  • Comfortable with uncertainty. Happy keeping things open, and short-notice: "I'll be free for a call 3-4:30pm, if you feel like chatting then, give me a buzz"
Proponent of "deep work". I will often block off chunks of my calendar and switch on airplane mode, while doing a solo task (like coding).
  • I prefer a bunch of calls/meetings one day and then none the next day, rather than a few calls sprinkled here and there.
  • I'm great at coming up with ideas, brainstorming and starting things with contagious energy. It takes more deliberate effort for the rest: the discipline to focus on the details of execution and finishing the paperwork/documentation, etc.
  • Not naturally organised
  • I put a lot of faith in what customers say.
I'm intrinsically driven.
  • As a solo founder, I gave myself the “Employee of the Month” award in my head when I deserved it, and didn't when I didn't deserve it. I know when my work is good, and I take pride in that.