Music production syllabus


Extract a sample from a song and insert into our composition Simple sound like "ooh" workout stretching tempo. Done in "Tatu / influence of wine" remix.
Extract sample from a song and stretch tempo to match our composition. - Done in project where I had Damien Dempsey's bass riff with Kylie Manogue triplets.


See if I have a tuner in Ableton. Update: It seems in Live 8 that I don't?
See if I have a spectrum analyser. Answer: yes, "Spectrum" (under "Audio effects") is part of Ableton Live ✅


Apply a low-pass filter to something
Apply a high-pass filter
Apply reverb
"pan to the sides" like the claps here

Synth theory

Use automation to change the cut-off frequency of (low-pass aka “high cut”) filter (on synth), like at 4:44 ("Trick #4") leading up to a drop in, or at 6:00-7:00 in
"Tape stop" = down-pitch = tip #3, around 3:00-4:00 here:


Automate (low-pass) filter to increase cut-off frequency leading into a drop. Effect: sound “opens up”, “creeps up on you”, “builds (without increasing
Use arpeggiator


Make a looping drum beat using kick, snare and two hi hats (one open, one closed)
Shift timing slightly (almost randomly) to make sound more human, less robotic, like in mins 1-3 in this video:
Put drum kit on 16 pads. Example: recreate the drumbeat of "Into the Ether" (Spotify link) using drum pads, including the cymbals that come in later.


Create synth with second envelope controlling the filter (reduce cut-off frequency) to create a “plucked” sound, like around 9:00 in that same video (“essential Bass Theory”), or also around 7:00-8:00 in this video:
And the reverse of that: create synth with second envelope controlling the filter (“open up” = increase cut-off frequency), to create a “wah” sound, like quickly mentioned (in passing) here 4:20-4:28
Create synth that “keeps going”, and slides between notes, like in Gosh (Jamie XX)
Create “lazy” sliding/detuned sound like in drops in last minute in “Push my Luck”
Another example of pitch bend: lead in the drop of Memories by KSHMR

Using Ableton Live

Record live


Slice recorded sound(s) to MIDI, then play with ADSR - see
Tune a sample to 12 notes so I can play an "instrument" using a recorded sound – like Ian did with Stu's voice (I think)
  • This is "Sampler" or "Simpler" under Instruments, built into Ableton Live