Growing up: I learned piano and guitar.
A recent hobby: learning how to make music with my laptop.


So far, I have:
  • Downloaded Logic Pro X
  • Made a few test productions
  • Uploaded one test production to Spotify!


The “music making” community seems to be a bit like the programming community, with a plethora of educational YouTube channels, Discord servers and (free) tutorials.
I feel far too early in the journey to share any insights just yet, but I may return to this page to just make more notes in public, sharing how I learn as I go.

Band name / stage name

If I create several tracks and upload to Spotify… should I invent a stage name (like Tourist or Disclosure)? Should I just use my real name (like David Solomon)?
My first upload to Spotify is all a test, so I invented an artist name, “Placemakers”. (My friend Ian and I made that within a few hours.)
I fancy the name “Simple Harmonic Motion”, but simpleharmonicmotion.com would cost $5k.
I’ve snapped up complexharmonicmotion.com, but that’s a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it?
Probably I should just use my own name, and only consider conceiving of a stage name if I actually produce any good music in the next few years!
I’m early in this learning journey… Any tips are welcome: m@rkmoriarty.com