Synths, overtones and sound design
Add unison to a synth to automatically add multiple voices… "instead of having just one saw-wave just buzzing, it's going to add voices, pan and de-tune them, around the stero field" – gives "stereo" feel: "and if you look down here to the ozone imager, this vectorscope [on left in screenshot] is going to help you see the stereo information change"
  • There is a sweet-spot where you de-tune just a bit: enough to be "interesting" - see 6:00-6:45 in this video:
Aside: Yodelling is switching from your chest voice (speaking register) to your head voice (falsetto).
Most male pop singers have a vocal range like a tenor:
Bad Snacks: "I linked it to my mogue module"
so when she plays the keyboard, it sounds like the sound she created...
The order of effects matters. e.g., reverb then delay vs. delay first. Described at 18:20: